It’s the classic of late summer…and highlights one of our customer favorites…bacon! Local and heirloom tomatoes make their debut soon, and we’re ready with all the best BLT tips.

Tip #1: And most important! Use cottage bacon. Cut from the pork loin and finished like any other bacon, these ROUND slices of bacon help you avoid the mess of strips hanging off and falling off with
every bite. See that photo? Life-changing, right?

Tip #2: Add something to your mayo. Sriracha, tomato bacon jam, herbs from the garden, green onions, or that half an avocado you have in the fridge. Smash something in there, stir it up good and
instant elevation!

Tip #3: Choose your bread wisely. Softer seems to be better here. While pretzel buns and baguettes and other hearty, crusty rolls are delicious…the delicate fresh tomato wants and needs to be treated
gently. To toast or not to toast is up to you, but start with something that won’t overwhelm your packet of goodness.

Tip #4: Try a fried green tomato and bacon sandwich. Coat half-inch thick slices of green tomatoes in seasoned flour, then egg wash, then corn meal, and pan fry in a good amount of oil until golden brown. Cool them on a rack and top with hot sauce or tomato jam…then build your sandwich. A southern riff and a great way to use those unripe tomatoes.

Tip #5: ADD ONS! Our favorites include a fried egg with a slightly runny yolk, slices of avocado, a slice of turkey or chicken, spinach leaves instead of lettuce, basil leaves instead of lettuce, sliced boiled eggs, cheddar cheese, and – wait for it – a fried fish filet. Try our Yeungling battered cod, for instance, air-fried and added to your favorite BLT.



Maxbauer’s Ultimate BLT Handbook