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Happy Holidays from Team Maxbauer! Please read this order form carefully. We’re offering pick up at both Maxbauer on Union Street and The Butcher’s Block by Maxbauer on South Airport Road – please make sure you pick up at the store you select. If you have questions about placing an order, please call!

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Whole Premium Beef Tenderloin

Whole In-the-Bag Certified Premium Beef Tenderloin is better known as "the filet mignon of beef." We suggest 6 - 8 ounces per person. Maxbauer offers trimming and tying of your beef tenderloin for free. Expect 40-50% cutting loss from the original weight. Tenderloins will be a 6 - 7 pound average and will trim down to 3.5 - 4 pounds. Please note: Your beef tenderloin will be weighed and priced upon the in-the-bag price before cutting takes place. A finished weight label will also be on the product.

In-the-Bag Beef Tenderloin
$19.99/lb, 3.5-4#. Please select quantity of tenderloins needed - NOT POUNDS

Boneless Delmonico Roast

A holiday favorite! Boneless Delmonico Roasts range from 3 - 13 pounds and are $24.99/lb. We suggest 12 oz per person when selecting your perfect roast.

Boneless Delmonico Roast
$24.99/lb. Please select the QUANTITY of roasts needed.
Please select the size in POUNDS.

Bone-In Standing Rib Roast

Impress at the table this holiday season with a Bone-In-Standing Rib Roast. Maxbauer is offering Bone-In-Standing Rib Roasts as follows: 2 ribs (4# avg), 3 ribs (6# avg), 4 ribs (8# avg), 5 ribs (10# avg), and 7 ribs (14# avg). Use the following for calculation: 2 ribs = 4 pounds; We recommend 1 pound per person. Bone-In Standing Rib Roasts are $24.99/lb.

Bone-In Standing Rib Roast
$24.99/lb - Please select the QUANTITY of roasts needed - not pounds or number of people serving.
Please select the number of ribs needed.

Maxbauer Hams

This year, Maxbauer has a number of different hams available - including our famous Old-Fashioned Smoked Ham available in whole, shank half, or butt half. Whole hams are 18 - 20 pounds on average and are $3.49/lb. Shank half (great for soup!) is 8 - 9 pounds and $3.99/lb. Butt half is 8 - 9 pounds and $4.49/lb. Calculation: Use 1.5 pounds per person. Fun fact: Our Homemade Old-Fashioned Ham is what made the Butcher's Wife fall in love with the Butcher.

New to Maxbauer's this holiday season Alexander & Hornung Spiral Ham! Maxbauer has an 8-pound average Alexander & Hornung Spiral Ham from the Eastern market in Detroit for $4.99/lb. These delicious hams are glazed with brown sugar. Calculation: Use a 1 pound/person.

We will have local Sanders Boneless Spiral Half Hams - 5 to 6 pound average and serves 10 to 12 people. These boneless hams are $8.99/lb. Calculation: Use a 1/2 pound per person. Get your order in for this ham early!
Old-Fashioned Smoked Ham
$3.49/lb; 18-20# avg (1.5 pounds/person)
$3.99/lb; 8-9# avg (1.5 pounds/person)
$4.49/lb; 8-9# avg (1.5 pounds/person)

$4.99/lb; 8# avg (1 pound/person)
Sanders Spiral Ham
$8.99/lb; 5-6# avg (1/2 pound/person)

Other Great Beef Items

USDA Prime Center Cut Top Sirloin Roast is great option for your holiday gatherings. A leaner choice for excellent carved beef, 4 pound average, and $12.99/lb, this is sure to impress a crowd!

Prime New York Strip Roast is another lean option and has excellent marbling. These roasts are an average of 6 pounds and $18.99/lb.
Top Sirloin Roast
Prime New York Strip Roast
$12.99/lb; 4-5# avg
$18.99/lb; 6# avg

Homemade Sides

Don't forget your Demi Glace! Our Homemade Demi Glace, meaning "half glaze" in French, makes for a perfect au jus or can be used as the best base ever for gravy!
Demi Glace
Butterflake Rolls
8 ounces; $4.99
8 count; $6.99
Mashed Potatoes
Turkey Gravy
2 pounds; $4.99/lb
1 pound; $4.99/lb

Other Items

We will have a full supply of specialty items at both locations including Christmas Klabassa, 4-pound Polish Ring Sausage, and maple/baby link sausages to suit your holiday traditions. There is no need to place a special order for these items at this time.

Pick-Up Date and Location

Christmas orders will be available for pick-up beginning Thursday, December 22nd. Both stores will be open normal business hours (Tuesday - Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm). We will close at 3 pm on Saturday, December 24th and closed on Sunday, December 25th.

Please note: Your order will be available for pick-up at the location you have chosen!

Special Instructions

Please provide any special instructions for your order. We will do our best to accommodate.

We are thankful for you and appreciate your patronage!