Great ham? Ask Mark. (It takes one to know one.)

I like pig butts and I cannot lie.

Pork is sometimes the ugly stepchild of the market – ignored and overlooked for more attractive or fashionable siblings. Lean cuts of pork like center-cut pork chops or pork tenderloin cooks hot and fast just like chicken breast and are perfect for weeknight meals. In fact, pork tenderloin has the same grams of fat per ounce as chicken breast. 

Fattier cuts of pork or those with more connective tissue like pork butt (which is actually shoulder but more on that later) or baby back ribs are fantastic low and slow options or obvious barbecue choices.


Why You Should Choose Pork

  • Quick and easy to cook safely
  • Responsibly sourced and harvested pork
  • More affordable for a crowd than beef or chicken

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