Some people say you should never meet your idols. We disagree.

The legend is real.

We’re pulling back the curtain on how the sausage is made. With great quality ingredients (no weird parts, ever!) and leaner-than-usual recipes, our sausage recipes are a century old and beloved.

The market was started by two German brothers, Albert and Tony Maxbauer. They were sausage makers from the very start. The backbone of the market has always been its authentic bohemian recipes like Klabassa, our classic Smoked Polish (Kielbasa), and of course, the German White Bratwurst – or as they say in Germany, Weisswurst. To go with our sausage, Maxbauer’s has been known for its hot dogs for several decades. The Butcher’s Wife’s mom always got Maxbauer’s hot dogs when she knew company was coming…they are a well-known local delicacy.

Our legendary smokehouse includes ten kinds of bacon, plus Maxbauer exclusive creations like Maple Bacon Jerky, Brown Sugar Bourbon Bacon, Delmonico Beef Jerky, Legendary Beef, Corned Beef Jerky, Turkey Jerky, three varieties of Chicken Jerky, eight flavors of Snacksticks, Frankfurters, and more.


When You Look Up Legendary, You’ll Find Maxbauer

  • Old-world sausage kitchen
  • More than 100 varieties of sausage and jerky smoked and cured in-house at our Traverse City location
  • Fresh and Smoked Polish Kielbasa, Brats, Old-World Klabassa, Bulk and Link Sausages, Cherry Brats, Summer Sausage, and over 50+ choices.
  • Our jerky is like a slice of gorgeous steak – thick and moist (no dry leather here!) and requires refrigeration.
  • Ten kinds of bacon including our Legendary Slab Bacon, Brown Sugar Bourbon, Delmonico Beef, Legendary, Corned Beef, Turkey, and three varieties of Chicken jerky
  • Eight flavors of Snacksticks, Frankfurters, and more

Sausage Kitchen & Smokehouse


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Delmonico & Legend Jerky

Maple Bacon Jerky


Old Fashioned Ham

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